Home Styling Techniques 101

Language: English

Instructors: Preethi Prabhu

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Why this course?


Rented or own, you deserve to live in style. Styling your home is a skill that you can acquire by learning and consistent practice. 

In this course, you will learn seven different techniques that you can apply to take your styling game up. 

Course Curriculum

Welcome! Know your Instructor - Preethi Prabhu (3:00)
What is Styling? Why you should style your home? (2:00)
Is Interior Design and Interior Styling the same?
Pre Styling Check
The most important step before we start styling (4:00)
Evaluate function (1:00)
Seven Techniques you can use to style anything
Introduction (1:00)
Technique Number 1 (3:00)
Technique Number 2 (2:00)
Technique Number 3 (2:00)
Technique Number 4 (1:00)
Technique Number 5 (4:00)
Technique Number 6 (4:00)
Technique Number 7 (7:00)
Examples Color Pattern Texture (1:00)
Quick review of the 7 techniques (1:00)
Broad color categories (4:00)
Using The Color Wheel (7:00)
Hundreds of ready-made color pallets (1:00)
There is more!
Using Art for styling (11:00)
Curtain basics (6:00)
Cushions, Table linen and Rugs (4:00)
Do it yourself projects (4:00)
Styling with Plants And Flowers (7:00)
How to combine color and pattern - Demo (2:00)
Lets get Practicing
Shopping For Decor On A Budget (9:00)
Stylingwithpp (1:00)
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Thank You (4:00)
Questions and Answers

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