Instagram for Small Business: Before I did this course I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. With Preethi's inputs and tips, my photography improved radically. I had the courage to finally show my face for the first time! At that time I wasn't so regular with my posts still with her tips my account grew! —Megha Cassandra @bytheartbug

  Instagram for Small Business:Though we were very familiar with Instagram as a social media we had no idea about its features that we could use to benefit and grow our business. Preethi has picked up this vast topic and broken it down into simple pointers and beautifully explained it. The tips and tricks shared in this course helped us grow organically both in terms of engagement as well as in terms of sales.. — Charitha Niluki & Meghana Suresh

Instagram for small business course helped in various ways...It gave a broader idea about how to use social media efficiently... Small learnings like put yourself in front of the people on the feed... Let them know the face of the brand...Has helped in a tremendous way... —Neha Joshi-Natu @ecomet_insta

I think the most important thing I learned from both the above is that I should focus fully on improving the quality of work I do and how to increase my business. Not worry about likes and followers. I did just that and business started to pick up. My reels started to get more views. Am in a happy place now. Mostly because I realise my work has improved dramatically.. — Sujatha Arvind @sujawatercolors

Home Styling Techniques 101: From the course I learnt technical skills that has improved my sense of looking at things. I've learnt what to club together and how to club together to get more impact. I also found it really helpful to keep everything around the house clean without putting in heaps of effort. I have become more confident with the decor skills and try to find potential and spruce up whatever we have which saves us a good amount of money.
Purnima Ghosh

I am new to home decor and DIYs and am learning from the basics. As with any new hobby, I’m trying new things and consuming new content to learn more. One of the most useful investments I have made in this journey so far has been the furniture painting course you offered. Furniture painting is one of the more impactful aspects of any furniture diy and getting it right can make the difference between aha and oho. With your course, I learnt, not only the basics, dos, don’ts and the right supplies; but also the possibilities with paint. Your experience and practical knowledge with very localized tips on supplies made it a ready reckoner for me. I find myself going back to the course often to check out on specific advise, right supplies or just for some inspiration. Thanks for creating such amazing content! — Poonam Agarwal @homedecorexperiments

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